Age Brackets

Seasonal Playing Year

The seasonal playing year is September 1st through August 31st, with the following sessions:

  • Fall (September - October)
  • Winter (December - February)
  • Spring (April - May)
  • Summer (June - August)

Birth Year and Seasonal Matrix

When determining the age group for a season, the year the season ends should be used for determining the birth year. 

For example, if a seasonal year begins in the Fall of 2019 and ends in the summer of 2020 (2019-2020 season), the players would be registered based on their age in the year 2020.

Also note that the format “U" followed by age, really means that age and younger. For example, U8 should be read as 8 and younger.

More Info

For more information about age bracketing, please read Five Things to Know About Birth Year Registration